Our team




Just as there are 6 vital nutrients for life,

we have 6 essential team members at Adapt Live.



Charles Ánima — Founder ⧸ CEO
— “ The Foundation of Life ”

Like water, Charles’ mind is constantly flowing full of ideas. His vision is essential as he brings life to all of the projects he touches. As Founder and CEO, Charles is committed to fueling the world through pure, healthy, and organically sourced food to everyone around him.

Both the earth and our bodies are comprised of 60-70% water. Similarly, his mission is to increase the accessibility of this caliber of food to 60-70% more people that our country’s current food deserts do not support, one state at a time.
His entire M.O. (Modus Operandi) is to think globally, act locally.
Melissa Conover MS, RD — Registered Dietitian (Director of Nutrition)
Carbohydrates “ Expert Fuel Source ”

Carbohydrates are one of your body’s main sources of energy. Melissa’s passion for food does just that for Adapt Live.

She's the brains behind our menu and the brawn behind our recipe development, based on the science of nutrition. As our Registered Dietitian, Melissa is the Director of Nutrition. Like carbs, she will help fill your plate and your stomach to fuel you with the energy you need to get through your day.

Tom Schuckman — Executive Chef
 Master for Nutrient Absorption

Tom is what we consider the essential "good fat" of Adapt Live. His expertise in the kitchen ensures that our food is delicious, filling, and fresh every time it reaches your doorstep.
As our Executive Chef, Tom is the curator of flavor and is a staple energy source at Adapt Live.
His recipe is simple. Quality + Consistency = Delicious Efficiency. 
Seth Olsen MS, Ph.D — Director of Operations
—  The Ultimate Building Block 

Proteins aren’t just for gains, "bro", they are an indispensable source of fuel, and contribute to the formation of tissues, bones, hair, muscles and skin.
You could attest that they bring LIFE to the body as Seth has brought life to the Adapt Live vision. As the Director of Operations, Seth is the King of coding, directing, and executing excellence.
Vivek Talluri — Business Development
  “ The Natural Developer ”

Just as minerals are essential to the formation of strong bones and teeth, Vivek is vital to the evolution of Adapt Live.

Resourceful, innovative and astute, Vivek is constantly putting the ADAPT in Adapt Live. His business acumen and visionary approach have been the backbone to our success.
Rachel Bellia MS — Director of all Trades
— “ Organic Excellence Encapsulated ”

Whether it's healing wounds, balancing bodily systems, or improving overall health, vitamins perform a multitude of vital roles in both health and longevity.
As Director of all Trades, Rachel does it all. Like your favorite morning multi, Rachel encompasses all of the essential elements for Adapt Live to thrive. Directing us in HR, Customer Service, Marketing, and it doesn't hurt that she has a Masters degree in Functional Medicine Nutrition.
To us, Rachel is — "The DOAT." 


Driving emissions

0.125 miles
of driving emissions

1 mile of driving emits 1 lb of carbon dioxide.
Bulb energy

0.3125 days
of bulb energy

1 day of lighting a bulb consumes 1.5 kWh of energy.